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It’s time for professional investment management…

Tudor offers research-driven, professional investment management geared to client goals. The firm provides a rich 25 year history of investment management expertise with a laser sharp focus on quality investment income and growth securities. 

Our philosophy is based on a strong commitment to high-quality investment choices.

Here are the features of our investment approach:

1. Clients receive the benefits of a dedicated advisor 
2. Advisors work closely with clients to create high-quality, long-term wealth-                                    building/income-producing portfolios
3. Investment accounts are segregated individually by client
4. Tudor creates investment strategies for clients that combine two factors:

     Client specific long-term goals and client investment risk parameters
5. Portfolio investment allocations are specific to the investment strategy, client                            preferences and portfolio size. Choices include mutual funds, exchange-traded funds and      individual stocks or bonds
6. Tudor has a pre-determined process and implementation for each strategy. Securities are      bought, held and sold based on heavily-researched specific criteria
7. Clients receive consistent portfolio updates/holding reports

​​​​​​​8. Tudor priorities are: returns first, taxes second. Tudor implements tax-benefit strategies        in the final months of the year

​​​​​​​            ​​​​​​​Tudor professionals will work with your tax and legal professionals

​​​​​​​Clients can tap into an array of well-researched investment strategies…from widely diversified asset allocation approaches to balanced stock and bond strategies to high quality 100% equity strategies. Proactive investment approaches that reflect an entire range of economic and financial environment possibilities and mesh with long-term client goals. For more information about our investment strategies Click Here​​​​​​​

Investment Management Services Include:

• Retirement Income Analysis
• Investment Security Selection
• Portfolio Monitoring
• Risk Assessments
• Year-End Tax Planning Strategies
• Contribution and Withdrawal Strategies 

Investment Portfolio Strategies Include:

• Stock Portfolios
• Bond Portfolios
• Balanced Portfolios
• Customized Portfolios*

*for clients with $500,000 or more to invest

Securities Choices Include:

• Individual Stock and Bond Securities
• Exchange-Traded Funds
• Mutual funds

Our Premier Strategy:

Legacy Growth offers an extraordinary experience for long-term investors that wish to invest in the finest, highest quality stocks in the investment universe. This strategy has provided years of excellent risk-adjusted returns to qualified investors that meet certain requirements. To see more information about this strategy here: Click Here​​​​​​​